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The title of this question was edited for space.  The original question in full was:

“I adopted a 4 year old cat who has been on kibble. I tried giving her just a tsp. Of your chicken morsels and she threw up. Is this unusual and what is a good way to transition her?”

Barbara’s answer:

I think this is happening because of the newness of the food and how different it is from her kibble diet.  But good for you for caring enough to change to raw 🙂

I would suggest adding water and letting it sit for a few minutes then stirring it in with her regular food.  It will set better as its more familiar!  Cats have that wonderful ability to throw things up when they’re not familiar with them.  This transition should help her make the change and you can gradually reduce the kibble until you’re full raw.

Let me know how it goes!  And I’d live a photo of your girl to add to this FAQ *we post these online).  Can you send one?


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