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Yes!  And it’s not just my opinion (and the opinion of the many thousands that swear by raw food from their experience with it) now that it’s been proven by science.

We’ve been saying it since 2005,  heat and processing destroys the nutritional value of ingredients.  We’ve finally been proven right!!

In a recent study conducted by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers conducted an experiment to determine the amino acid digestibilities and true metabolizable energy values of four different pet food formats (raw frozen, freeze-dried, fresh and kibble). The scientists published their results in the Journal of Animal Science.

A little bit of background regarding Amino Acids.

  • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and must come from food or supplements.
  • Amino acids are necessary for health, but cannot be produced by humans, dogs or cats.
  • The two amino acids researched in the study were Lysine and Threonine.
  • Threonine helps maintain the proper protein balance in the body. and is required for the formation of collagen, elastin, and tooth enamel, and aids liver function.

Results of the study found that:

  • Freeze-dried raw exhibited the highest amino acid digestibility, while kibble showed the lowest.
  • Lysine digestibility was notably higher in freeze-dried raw and frozen raw than in kibble.
  • Threonine digestibility was higher in freeze-dried raw than kibble.
  • Freeze-dried raw, frozen raw, and fresh diets maintained a consistent high-quality profile of lysine.
  • Frozen raw demonstrated higher true metabolizable energy (energy available from diet) than all other forms.
  • Freeze-dried raw showed higher true metabolizable energy than extruded.


If that’s what they say about raw and freeze-dried, what would they say about MEGA morsels®?

MEGA morsels ®, are our air-dried raw dog and cat foods.  Using a proprietary process, high quality ingredients are air-dried without using heat.  The result is a high-quality food that retains the integrity of the ingredients, INCLUDING the amino acids!  At the same time, it is a shelf-stable product that does not require freezing or special handling.

Benefits of raw, convenience of kibble!©


Amoré Pet Foods, we feed the pickiest pets!


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