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Pam’s full question:

After 6 months I have finally transitioned my cat to your food. She eats 1/4 cup a day plus I add 1/4 cup of water. I’m concerned because other than the water I use to rehydrate she doesn’t drink any other water even though I offer it. Is she getting enough water?

Barbara’s Answer:

Congratulations on transitioning your cat, they can be tough as they can be finicky.  Have you noticed any changes in your cat since you starting feeding our food?  Did you have any challenges transitioning your cat?

Cats are naturally not big water drinkers.  This is why our instructions are to rehydrate, add water, to our cat foods. When rehydrating our food will flavor the water!  If you’re concerned about not getting enough fluids, try adding extra water to the food.

I would still have a bowl of water available at all times.  You never know if they’re sneaking a slurp when you’re not looking!


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