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Kayla’s question: Hello Barbra, I have a 34lb dog. He is 6 years old. I was wondering how many servings are in a 20lb bag of Mega morsels. Thank you for your help, Kayla

Barbara’s answer:

Thanks for your email. John, my webmaster, using his dog Maya as a test subject, figures a 5# bag of food lasts his 35# dog about 3 weeks. He does admit to adding an extra treat and people food here and there!  Going by John’s calculations (and mine!) a 20# bag of food should last about 3 months.

This might be slightly more or less depending on current weight and activity level!

Added note from John: I picked up a pack of 32 OZ containers like these (got mine at the grocery store) and find they work perfectly for making a 6-meal portion using 300grams dry (filled tub) and then water up to the top of the food. As one gets down to the last portion, I make a second and rotate tubs so there’s always some fresh and ready.  I had to figure this out for traveling and ensuring I was bringing enough along, or if leaving her with a sitter.

Also here’s a photo of my little Maya!

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