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Full question: Amore is air-dried but I was wondering if it has to be rehydrated? I have not tried to rehydrated the samples yet he liked them just out of the package but going forward do they have to be rehydrated? He does not like really soft food but I will try to rehydrated them the extra water would be good for him, but if he prefers the food just out of the package is that okay.

Barbara’s answer:

One one the great things about our food is you can rehydrate, but you don’t have to.  I depends on how much water your dog drinks on his own.

If he’s not a big water drinker, rehydrate.  If he drinks lots of water, then no need to! Personally, I feed my dog straight from the bag.  He’s 26 months old, VERY energetic, and drinks a lot of water!

There is a lot of advice on the internet, much of it nonsense!  One of my favourites is that dog cookies are good for brushing a dog’s teeth.  To me, that’s the equivalent of me telling people to brush their teeth with cookies.

The best thing is nature’s toothbrush, raw bones, yak milk chews, and the enzymes from raw meat.  I give Dusty a a raw chicken neck or yak milk chew.  They keep him busy for hours and his teeth sparkly white.

If you find stuff on the internet and you want a 2nd opinion, I’m here! I’ve been making this food for 18 years and in the industry for 20. Money has never been my objective, the health and well-being of our four-legged companions is my goal.

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