Is my cat getting enough water with Amoré alone?

Pam’s full question: After 6 months I have finally transitioned my cat to your food. She eats 1/4 cup a day plus I add 1/4 cup of water. I’m concerned because other than the water I use to rehydrate she doesn’t drink any other water even though I offer it. Is...

Is raw food better than kibble?

Yes!  And it’s not just my opinion (and the opinion of the many thousands that swear by raw food from their experience with it) now that it’s been proven by science. We’ve been saying it since 2005,  heat and processing destroys the nutritional value of...

How risky is raw food?

Full disclosure, I posted this FAQ myself, not as an answer to a visitor’s question as I learned of an article Susan Thixton wrote on where she looked at the past 3 years of recalls and found that raw was by far the least problematic...
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