MEGA Treats – Lamb


More than just a treat, each bag is made with love by our specialists. From buying the vegetables and meats from local farmers to grinding the meat, we do it all. We guarantee freshness in each bag with satisfaction guaranteed.


Vancouver-based Amoré Pet Foods uses only quality ingredients and manufacturing quality controls to ensure a safe, high-quality nutritious product. They buy their meats directly from the farms, which they have personally visited. Amore feels that even though the animals are being raised for meat, they should still have a good life, fresh air, and room to roam. These living conditions also make for better quality meat! All meats are bought whole from the farm. Amore only uses one supplier for each protein source. We do not buy any meat that has been pre-ground and wants to see the quality and fat content of the meat so we grind it. If there’s too much fat, we take it out!

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150 grams, 1 kg

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