Love Bites – Chicken


More than just a treat, each bag is made with love by our specialists. From buying the vegetables and meats to grinding the meat, we do it all. We guarantee freshness in each bag with satisfaction guaranteed!

*Note: This product has an overwhelming smell! (it’s stinky)*


The birth of LoveBites – We were trying to come up with a raw, shelf-stable treat, using limited ingredients. Pure beef was a no-go as it went into a powder when you dried in. We didn’t want our customers to have liver pocket. We began experimenting by adding other things to the liver to change the texture. When we added heart & tongue to the liver, the texture came out exactly the way we wanted. Vancouver-based Amoré Pet Foods uses only quality ingredients and manufacturing quality controls to ensure a safe, high-quality nutritious product. All ingredients are human-grade.  The meats are bought whole and ground in our facility; we want to see the fat content and adjust as necessary.  Vegetables are delivered fresh weekly.  We don’t use any additives, preservatives, coloring, or synthetic ingredients.  Only meat, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and kelp. The quality goes in before our heart goes out!

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100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg

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