A Lifetime of Caring

So when did the “Amore” begin? Owner Barbara Fellnermayr has been passionate about caring for animals forever. 

It was that compassion that forged her career working as the manager of first the Vancouver City Pound, and then the Coquitlam City Pound.

During Barbara’s time, the City of Vancouver first declared its no-kill policy, followed by the Coquitlam City Pound when Barbara took over leadership there. 

Today, Barbara continues working for the animals, supporting the rescue groups that do the hardest work of all.

“Thanks to all the rescue groups for all you do! Without you, I wouldn’t have my furkid, Sassy!” — Barbara Fellnermayr

Join us to Help Keep Little Paws off

the Street and in Loving Homes


Amore is proud to support LITTLE PAWS RESCUE SOCIETY, a non-profit group of dedicated volunteers, who rescue small dogs from all over British Columbia.

If you’d like to support this wonderful group (P.S. not the same as Little Paws Rescue located in Victoria, B.C.) please contact julia@littlepawsrescue.net or diana@littlepawsrescue.net

Thank you for caring!

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