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Coming soon  non-food dog and cat necessities will be available in our store; collars, leashes, dog beds, dishes, kitty litter and even poop bags.  We’ve been busy sourcing high quality Canadian made products to add to our retail space.  If you’d like anything added to the list, let us know.

100% of food/treats for dogs/cats are made in our store in Burnaby BC.  We offer a wide range of air-dried food and treats called MEGA morsels™.  Air drying preserves the nutrition of the high quality whole ingredients used and only removes water.  The result MEGA nutrition packed into tiny morsels.  It takes 4 pounds of ingredients to make 1 pound of MEGA morsels™.  Removing the water makes them shelf stable and easy to take on the road because they don’t require special storage.  The best part is you don’t need to remember to thaw!  Benefits of raw, convenience of kibble™.

MEGA morsels™ can be rehydrated or served straight from the bag, your dog’s choice.

For Dogs: (also available in frozen)

  • beef
  • chicken
  • chicken salmon
  • kangaroo
  • lamb
  • turkey and
  • salmon whitefish.

For Cats (we recommend rehydration as cats are not natural water drinkers)

  • beef
  • chicken
  • turkey
  • quail
  • rabbit salmon
  • salmon whitefish


Amoré uses only quality ingredients and the utmost care in making each of its products to ensure safe and high quality, nutritious products.  Meats and vegetables are purchased from suppliers that cater to the restaurant and grocery markets.  Meats are purchased whole and ground in our store, we want to see the fat content.  Everything is ground, mixed and packaged in our Burnaby store.

Amoré doesn’t use any additives, flavourings, preservatives or synthetic ingredients; everything is 100% real and of the same quality you’d feed your farmily.  We invite you to come see the ingredients we use in our food and observe our production.  We have nothing to hide.

If you are in the Lower Mainland, please visit our store.  Bring your dog, we have a full free tasting bar.  Your dog can try every product we make.  We want to make sure you and your dog go home with a bag of their favourite treat, food or food topper.  Maybe your dog can make friends with Sassy, our 17 year old Amoré dog, everyone thinks she’s 5 or 6.  She’d love to share her favourites.


We don’t have a treat bar set up for cats, as they don’t visit the store much.  We do have samples that we will give you to try  out at home!

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Prices are going up July 1, 2021:-(Pssst! Order now before it does.

Despite increased costs over the years, this is our first price increase since 2017. 

Order soon and save.

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