Welcome to Amoré Pet Foods!

Our factory is located in Burnaby B.C. Canada. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our pages. We produce a number of products; raw dog and cat food, raw dehydrated dog and cat food, and treats. We are proud of everything we make, and it shows in the quality of our products.

Amoré Pet Foods uses only quality ingredients and manufacturing quality controls to ensure a safe, high quality nutritious product. We buy our meats directly from the farms, which I have personally visited. I feel that even though the animals are being raised for meat, they should still have a good life, fresh air and room to roam. These living conditions also make for better quality meat!

All meats are bought whole from the farm. We only use one supplier for each protein source. We do not buy any meat that has been pre-ground. We want to see the quality and fat content of the meat so we grind it ourselves. If there’s too much fat we take it out!

All meats and vegetables are ground, blended and packaged in our Burnaby B.C. facility.

The quality goes in before our heart goes on!